• Weekend WrapUp
  • Weekend Wrap-Up: Last Minute New Years


    Lost in that hazy time between holidays and just now realizing that New Year’s Eve is on Saturday? Fear not: we’re donating this week’s Weekend Wrap-up to those who forgot to make New Year’s plans. Find your nearest top hat and tuxedo t-shirt, Canton, because it’s almost time to celebrate the end of 2016. Happy […]

  • Weekend WrapUp
  • Weekend Wrap-up: Holiday Mischief


    This weekend, bundle up and head out to enjoy some good ol’ fashioned holiday mischief. Whether it’s your office Christmas party or one of the uniquely Baltimore holiday events below, you’ll find mischief is easy to get into as peaking at presents. Breakfast with Santa at Slainte Irish Pub in Fell’s Point Guilt eating at […]

  • Weekend WrapUp
  • Weekend Wrap-Up: Holi-dos


    December’s arrival signals that 2016 is less than a month away from over (phew!) To pass the time before then there are all of the magical moments of the holidays to experience. Lucky for us, they start this weekend. Find your nearest white beard/fuzzy red suit, grab all of the holiday cheer you can muster, […]

  • Weekend WrapUp
  • Weekend Wrap-Up: Turkey Hangover


    You made it (or didn’t) through the Thanksgiving holiday! It’s time to celebrate, or for some, recover from what feels like a Thanksgiving hangover. Whether you need ways to shoo your lingering family out of the house this holiday, or an excuse to celebrate your pet, this weekend has you covered. Holiday Haunted Pub Tour […]

  • Weekend WrapUp
  • Weekend Wrap Up: Zen Moments


    At the end of a long and confusing week, the events this neighborhood (and world) need are about doing things you love, respecting all people, and having a few zen moments. Whether it is eating out to support veterans, skating in Baltimore (and forgetting where you are for minute), or visiting the bars in your […]

  • Weekend WrapUp
  • Weekend Wrap-Up: Unseasonable, but not Unreasonable


    Unseasonably warm weather during the week calls for unseasonable activities for the weekend. This weekend, try an outdoor seafood fest or wine event. Enjoy a neighborly walk through Patterson Park. And pretend you’re in the tropics with the aquatic animals of Baltimore. It’s all a little unseasonable, but not entirely unreasonable. Baltimore Out of the […]

  • Weekend WrapUp
  • Weekend Wrap-Up: Hallowva Weekend

    The Great Halloween Lantern Parade and Festival

    Well, well, well: Halloween weekend has found us again. Revelries in Canton (and beyond) will abound. For those who choose to celebrate the fair holiday of All Hallow’s Eve, we have a wrap-up of some off the beaten track ideas for celebration. Ghouls and goblins of Canton who love family-friendly events, block parties, dog parties, […]

  • Weekend WrapUp
  • Weekend Wrap-Up: Pumpkin’d Up


    We’re really all pumpkin’d up about this weekend, mostly because it includes all of the fall activities that are necessary as we brace for the cold that’s coming. This weekend plan to: eat pumpkin, carve it, drink it in craft beer form, and pumpkin-yourself-up in honor of the (almost) Halloween weekend. Free Triathalon of Training […]


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