• Weekend WrapUp
  • Weekend Wrap-Up: In with the New


    It may be mid-February, but recent weather patterns indicate it is time to look forward to spring. Spring means new beginnings, and this weekend is all about those beginnings. Whether you are looking inward on your self to promote wellness, or simply looking to experience new businesses in the neighborhood, this weekend is all about […]

  • Weekend WrapUp
  • Weekend Wrap-Up: Love is in the Air


    That pesky little manufactured holiday (Valentine’s Day) is just around the corner, which means if you don’t have plans for that special someone — or plans to hang with friends and ignore the day all together — you should probably get moving. What better way to show your true love you mean it than by […]

  • Weekend WrapUp
  • Weekend Wrap-up: Take Action


    As the weekend looms over us, we are going to keep our attentions turned to all of the positive things Cantonites can get into to build an active local community and make all of our neighbors feel safe. There’s also plenty of room for fun in there. Wake up and move, Canton, cause it’s the […]

  • Weekend WrapUp
  • Weekend Wrap-Up: Last Minute New Years


    Lost in that hazy time between holidays and just now realizing that New Year’s Eve is on Saturday? Fear not: we’re donating this week’s Weekend Wrap-up to those who forgot to make New Year’s plans. Find your nearest top hat and tuxedo t-shirt, Canton, because it’s almost time to celebrate the end of 2016. Happy […]

  • Weekend WrapUp
  • Weekend Wrap-up: Holiday Mischief


    This weekend, bundle up and head out to enjoy some good ol’ fashioned holiday mischief. Whether it’s your office Christmas party or one of the uniquely Baltimore holiday events below, you’ll find mischief is easy to get into as peaking at presents. Breakfast with Santa at Slainte Irish Pub in Fell’s Point Guilt eating at […]

  • Weekend WrapUp
  • Weekend Wrap-Up: Holi-dos


    December’s arrival signals that 2016 is less than a month away from over (phew!) To pass the time before then there are all of the magical moments of the holidays to experience. Lucky for us, they start this weekend. Find your nearest white beard/fuzzy red suit, grab all of the holiday cheer you can muster, […]

  • Weekend WrapUp
  • Weekend Wrap-Up: Turkey Hangover


    You made it (or didn’t) through the Thanksgiving holiday! It’s time to celebrate, or for some, recover from what feels like a Thanksgiving hangover. Whether you need ways to shoo your lingering family out of the house this holiday, or an excuse to celebrate your pet, this weekend has you covered. Holiday Haunted Pub Tour […]


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