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  • Weekend Wrap-up: Savor It


    This weekend includes some of our favorite summer activities: swimming outside with neighbors, celebrating our LGBTQ friends, listening to free music in Patterson Park, and finally, drinking wine. It’s the weekend Canton, so savor it. Twilight Swim at Patterson Park You know the drill: gather your neighborhood friends (adults over 21+), don a swimsuit, and […]

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  • Weekend Wrap-Up: Staycation


    As your neighbors head out of town for the weekend (and leave their parking pad open for you!) you might feel a little depressed that you’re without some sort of beachy or mountainous destination to head to. Never fear, Canton, because Baltimore is coming through with some pretty stellar staycation activities to add to your […]

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  • Wit on the Water Opens April 26th- Be there!


    One of our favorite fancy cocktail spots, Wit & Wisdom is opening their patio, ‘Wit on the Water’, with a kick-off party on April 26th. The party will feature their new all-crab (crabs, crabs, crabs!) themed menu. Guests are invited to sip on new frozen cocktails, sample local beer, try Executive Chef Zack Mill’s fresh Chesapeake […]

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  • Weekend Wrap-Up: Opening Days


    So you missed O’s Opening Day did ya? Or maybe you are just reminiscing on Opening Day, since you were there. Either way, aside from heading back to the ballpark this weekend to watch the O’s play the Yankees, there are other opening days ahead. Open your running season with a 10k or your bluegrass […]

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  • Weekend Wrap-Up: Winter (mic drop)


    Well, winter came and went. The end of February now means it’s time to dust off the competitor in you and show off some of your skills. Whether you’re a champ at chili, kareoke, flea market shopping, or just being your fabulous single self, this weekend will have you winning all-around. Winter out. Mic drop. […]

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  • Weekend Wrap-Up: take PRIDE in your Weekend


    While this weekend in Baltimore will somehow be hotter than the last, that shouldn’t stop you from taking pride in your weekend. Besides, there are neighbors, photo challenges, fundraisers, and cooking demos (complete with beer) to spend your time with. Oh, and there is this little thing called Baltimore Pride weekend to punctuate the heat […]

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  • Keep an eye on your car with YourCar


    Tired of driving by a parking space that would work if one car would juuuuuust move up a few inches? Or noticed a broken car window but didn’t know how to contact the owner? A few of your Canton neighbors are trying to fix that for you with ‘YourCar‘. One of YourCar founders, Michael Cianos […]


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