Delicious food + perfectly crafted cocktails + historical tidbits = your go-to holiday gift


I am a sucker for historical tours. Museum tours with headphones. Ghost tours. House tours. You name it, if there’s a chance of learning some interesting old facts, I am in.  (Did you know there’s a walking tour of Greenmount Cemetery? It’s on my to-do list for the spring) So when were invited to try the Bite of Baltimore Food Tour and I found out it combined food and history, I was without a doubt checking it out.

I’m going to walk you through our tour, but first wanted to mention what a great holiday gift this would be (just in case you’re a post skimmer). Experience gifts are the best. This is fun for both out of towners and locals.  I’m personally planning a tour for when our friend from England visits. He’s been here so often, I’m excited to show him something new. Tours are fully customizable (vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free, no drinks, full drinks, the world is your oyster) but the standard tour starts at $60 per person. You can use the code “shopsmall” for a 10% discount for all tours booked until March. 

So back to the tour, we bundled up and met on the corner of Thames Street Park. (We walked around 2 miles per my tracker, so check the weather before you come out). To kick things off, our tour guides, wife and husband team, Zach and Jenny, gave us a brief lesson about the architecture in Fells Point. I’m going to refrain from sharing any of my new learnings, so you won’t be the know-it-all on your tour. No one likes a know-it-all.

We then headed over to Modern Cook Shop for a beautiful charcuterie appetizer. This expansive board of meats, cheeses, nuts, fruit and perfectly toasted bread was locally sourced and delicious.


From there we moved to The Point. The Point is my go-to Fells brunch spot (their balsamic glazed grilled cheese is insanely good) but they weren’t on my radar for dinner (they will be now). We sat in their upstairs dining room and were served crab cakes, asparagus and crunchy potatoes (similar to home fries).

The crab cake was well received by the entire table. Lots of crab, little filler and a solid size (ours was broiled though fried is an option). The Point accents their crab cake with a special sauce that changes with the vegetable pairing. Ours had a jalapeno sauce which had a nice zing without being too spicy. IMG_5065 (1)

On to Hungry Andy’s.  Hungry Andy’s has saved me from having to get out of the house on a Sunday before, but I hadn’t yet tried their pit beef. That was a mistake.  Their pit beef is excellent, served with thin onions, bbq sauce and tiger sauce (is there anything better than tiger sauce?).

We split up a sandwich and discussed how it would be our new late spot, because if it was good now, can you imagine after a night of drinks?

IMG_5073 (1)

At this point, I have no idea how I’m going to eat more. Luckily, it was time for a brief stop in the center of Fells for some more history and then over to Rye for a drink.  Rye recently moved into the old Leadbetters and created a fantastic space. It’s dim and gives off a “bar in an old library” vibe. I love it.  We were served the Screenwriter’s Blues which was both gorgeous and full of gin (this is how I’d like to be described from now on). 



A bit more walking and we ended the night by a fireplace at Bond Street Social for dessert. We splurged on a mini creme brulee and chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream which was the perfect amount to finish us off. (That said, it took me some time to get up and get moving. Food coma.)


If you are looking for a unique way to sample Fells Point, the Bite of Baltimore tour is your ticket. The tour showcases some of Fells Points best offerings along with a fun, interactive tour. Give them a call and join a tour (or set up your own)! Don’t forget to use the code “shopsmall” for a 10% discount for all tours booked until March. 

Compensation received will never influence the content, topics or posts made in this blog. In short, I won’t post about anything I wouldn’t personally enjoy. -Steph




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