Dear Jack’s Bistro,

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So our time has come. Our fears have been confirmed. All good things must end. But must they? I know Blair’s is coming and I’m probably going to fall for her too. But until then, lets look at our good times together.

When you brought poutine fries back on the menu.  One day, exhausted after work, I scrolled through my facebook feed to see that oh so delicious picture of the fries I missed so much. I anxiously waited for M. to get home and immediately hustled him out the door to get a seat at the bar to take advantage of your burger special and gorge on poutine fries. It was a much needed date night and introduced me to my new found love for your feta dip. 19702439_1413309765370912_4611191133175939187_n


Every single restaurant week. You’ve always been my go-to. Always a great deal and never disappointed with quality or service. We’d gather friends from college who are usually too swamped with kid duties, but would always make the time for Guinness Braised Filet Mignon.


You forced me to vary from tried and true. I am a creature of habit. Once I find something I like I stick with it (like you). But your always changing menu tempted me. I tried new things and found new favorites. I still talk about the duck pasta with peas. No picture. I ate it too fast.

Your cocktails were inspiring. I love sitting at the bar and learning what was new from your bartender. Whether she was showcasing the house-made syrups or explaining the wine list, I learned a little before I forgot more. From the Miss Viola to the Liz Lemon, you had me at blerg. miss viola

There was always room for dessert. No matter how full I was, the fried smores could always be shared.

I promise to give Blair’s a try, if you promise not to forget about your fans and occasionally sneak some Jack’s fares in. Until then, we’ll be stopping by and making our reservations for restaurant weekfinished


Stay Classy Canton


P.S- for everyone else crying with me, leave your favorite dish in the comments!

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  1. Melissa says:

    They made burbon peanut butter pancakes that were to die for.

  2. Must believe rent at new locale is minuscule and they’ll kill it, esp. given overflow from Lee’s down the block. Here’s hoping.

  3. Em says:

    My current obsession… the Hotter Than Hell burger. It hurts so good!

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