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Cycle classes are for people with superpowers, right? REV Cycle Studio’s recently opened Brewer’s Hill location proves that even novice cycle class-goers can grab a bike at an lights-down, upbeat cardio class and live to tell about it (and even enjoy it) . We recently put on our spandex and most moisture-wicking fabric and headed down to Hanover Brewer’s Hill (3700 Toone Street) to try a class.

We left with some helpful insights for Stay Classy readers and the perfect event giveaway for newbies and cycle-experts alike:¬† A Rev30 (read: 30-minutes of cycling) class¬† and run to Shake Shack on Thursday, May 25 at 6 p.m. What’s better: the outdoor series event includes class with Nick, the same instructor who led us through our first Rev session.

Here’s how to enter the contest to win a free ticket to this special REV Cycle event.

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What should you expect if it’s your first time at REV Cycle Studio? Here are four things to know:

Class is both Calm and Upbeat

If it is at all possible, there are two major vibes going on in a REV Cycle class at the same time. You begin feeling soothed. Lights go down, music starts low, and a candle sits next to the instructor’s bike. But then, music fills the room, and the multiple rows of bikes begin to whir at the speed of the song’s main beat. In this plane of existence, it’s somehow possible to be both calm and upbeat at the same time, and the result of that zen-like state has to mean more calories burned, right? Or at least more sweat released – there’s plenty of that.

Know what “Gear Up” Means

I was glad to have a staff member show me how to use my bike before hopping on. I had no idea that little red gear at the center of the bike would be the focus of training for the duration of the class. It turns out that turning that gear right will up the resistance on your bike and increase the flow of sweat off of your forehead. Gearing down relieves that pressure, and lets your legs fly. Knowing the gear well or at least spending time getting familiar with it will do you well in your first class.

Expect the Unexpected

There are all sorts of fun surprises in these classes. Energetic trainers and awesome playlists are to be expected. What we didn’t expect: low-weight, high-rep arm workouts squeezed into the routine just when your legs have given up. Also: there’s a lavender scented, damp cloth passed out at the end of the session to cool and relax. My favorite part: plenty of individual showers for class attendees who’ve got somewhere to be. They’ve thought of the all the little things.

Try a Regular Class for Free

Whether you win a free ticket to the Shake Shack event or not, if you decide to sign up for REV Cycle your first session is free. So check out the newest boutique workout in our neighborhood, and let us know if you want to grab a burger after.

Oh, and if you win a ticket or decide to sign up for the Shake Shack event? Here’s your reward:fooddrink_hdr

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  1. Kristen says:

    I LOVE REV cycle, but have not tried out the new studio and I would absolutely love to! And I’ve never been to shake shack!!

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