Today: Street Festival at The Porter Brewers Hill


The Canton area has its pick of apartment complexes to choose from. The Mews at The Porter Brewers Hill wants to be the top of that list! They are holding a brand launch street festival celebration tonight from 5-9 p.m. with free food and music and they’d love for you to join and bring all your favorite people!

The Porter Brewers Hill in Baltimore, Maryland, an apartment community which was formerly known as Hanover Brewers Hill, will formally launch its refreshed brand at The Mews, located at 3700 Toone Street in Baltimore.

The Porter Brewers Hill event will feature a street festival experience with FREE pork buns, Korean sliders, dumplings, pizza, and other delicacies catered by local favorites Dooby’s, Well Crafted Pizza, and The Food Market. A local brewery will provide beer, and live music will be performed by area band Whiskey Rebellion.

About The Mews

The property’s new name carries two separate meanings. In one sense, porter refers to a style of beer, and is a nod to the historic significance of Brewers Hill as a beer-crafting neighborhood. Additionally, porter refers to an individual who makes themselves of service to others, which is a direct reflection of the property’s desire to provide a bespoke lifestyle experience.

For more information on The Porter Brewers Hill, visit or call 410.522.4455.


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