Can’t stand the heat? Learn to cook at Pierpoint’s Kitchen.


Some people are great gift givers, and others are hard to shop for. There is nothing worse than someone who is both.  M. is that person. He constantly comes up with creative, thoughtful gifts that I didn’t even know I wanted. On the other hand, I got him socks. So this Christmas, I was going to step up.  After a previous winning gift of a ‘beer tap class’ at Mark Supik & Company, I decided an activity was the way to go.

I’ve had Pierpoint cooking classes on my list for a while, so this was a great opportunity to give a great gift, learn some recipes and eat well for days. It was hard to pick, but I decided to try their Indian class, other options include:

  • International Appetizers
  • Thai Cuisine
  • Asian All-Around
  • Sauce Class
  • Modern Italian
  • International BBQ
  • Maryland Cooking
  • Knife Skills
  • French Classics
  • Fish Class
  • Creative Vegetarian

Our class had eight participants ranging in age and cooking experience. We first went over the many recipes we would make and noted some of the difficulties or intricacies of each. Each participant would make a different dish with enough to share. This was a fun departure from classes were everyone makes the same dish (though a little pressure knowing everyone would try your food).

With the small class size, there was opportunities to help your neighbor (like cutting your onions for you so you don’t cry in public) and ask questions from Chef Nancy Longo.

IMG_9032 (1)

Chef Nancy is an accomplished chef and owner of the award winning Pierpoint Restaurant in Fells Point. Her assistant, Chris, helped to make sure we had all the ingredients and showed us a great way to clean cilantro as well as other tips and tricks to take home.  Chef Nancy gave us recipes substitutions for different diets, and explained cooking techniques for the dishes as needed, such as butchering a lamb rack.


The class was fun and really manageable for the novice cook. We made multiple (spoiler:delicious) Indian dishes with side dishes of chutneys, Indian breads, and marinades. All that I feel comfortable making at home. In fact we used the lentil soup recipe for a recent ‘Soup-er Bowl’ contest and came in 2nd place (we should have asked for a recount).

Garlic Naan for days.
IMG_9035 (1)
M. braved the grill for some delicious tandoori chicken.

As each recipe was finished, it simmered until all were complete and we could eat as a group. Drinks were served and we dug in.  I recommend eating something light before you go because by the time we ate, we were ravenous. But luckily there was SO MUCH FOOD. In fact, my favorite part was that we were able to bring home leftovers.

A little bit of everything, including chicken korma, lamb, and my favorite the channa daal.
2nd plate was needed (not to mention 2nd rounds) for the chapati, pooris, butternut squash samos, cilantro sauce, and more peach chutney.
Leftovers for all.

Classes are held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 1-4 p.m. and you can sign up over the phone. We are already looking forward to going back for the fish class. You can check out the upcoming classes here. Chef Nancy also offers kids cooking classes (one of our classmates went to her summer camp and highly recommended it).  Classes fill up fast, so sign up quickly and maybe we’ll see you there!


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