Four things to know: B-More Kitchen’s Food Incubator


The food scene in Baltimore – particularly food entrepreneurship– is blooming. R. House recently opened its doors to showcase up-and-coming local chefs. Construction is currently underway at the Food Hub, meant as office space for food businesses, urban farming, and food truck parking.

There’s one location where food entrepreneurship is quietly blossoming in all of the most delectable ways: B-More Kitchen. Stay Classy Canton recently visited our friends at Bottoms Up Bagels there and toured the 10,000-square-foot facility. Here are four things to know:

Work with some of the city’s hottest food start-ups

Membership in B-More Kitchen’s commercial kitchen space also comes with support services for food entrepreneurs. More importantly though, B-More Kitchen is a community of up-and-coming food entrepreneurs to trade kitchen secrets, taste test, and literally rub elbows with. The kitchen is set up so that every food business has generous stainless steel counter space to work with. Bottoms Up Bagels walked us down the aisles to show us some other pretty popular up-and-comers: Fat City Meats (think Snakehill sausages), Well-Crafted Pizza of recent farmer’s market pie fame, and Gundalow Gourmet (juices and catering).

img_3022There’s an arsenal of equipment

When B-More Kitchen proclaims there’s an “arsenal of equipment” on its website, they’re not overreaching. Fridge facilities, burners, smokers, and mixers abound. Bottoms Up Bagels showed us their options for mixing their dough. One mixer that rivaled the size of a pre-teen they had to switch away form because of its weight (and they found one more regular-sized to replace it). It’s obvious that these food entrepreneurs have everything they need and then some; it’s kind of like a food playground for the hungry and restless.

Storage, storage, storageimg_8333

With shared kitchen space one question continually pops up: where do I put all my stuff? With kitchen memberships, however, come great storage options. We toured dry-good storage (most members have their own racks) as well as fridge and freezer-temped cold storage rooms.

A secret (and lovely) event space beckons

As event-goers and planners ourselves, one of our favorite discoveries about B-More Kitchen is the sizable and unassuming event space, Accelerator Space, perched just above the B-More Kitchen main facilities. The indoor space features a giant, restored hard-wood floor and exposed ceilings. It’s perfect for larger events (200-300 guests). There’s also a hidden outdoor space in the facility with Italian lights strung above that could fit about 100 people for a cocktail party. The facility also offers tables and chairs with rental.



So to recap: comprehensive kitchen space, delicious eats, and the perfect place to hold an event? Now that’s a party.


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