Looks great, little full, lotta sap. Holiday decorations, city style.


Holiday decorating can be tough in a row home, especially for those who rent. Space is limited and you don’t want to get charged for putting holes in the wall to hang your stockings. Check out what we’ve done in the past and some ideas for the future.

Christmas Trees

You might be used to the majestic trees of suburbia, but when you have a house 11 feet wide, you’re more likely to look like Chevy Chase than Rockefeller Center.


This is where smaller trees come in handy. I really wanted a tall narrow fake tree which horrified my husband who was used to trudging through the woods to cut his own down. The compromise? A full table-top live tree. Canton Ace Hardware has 3-4 ft smaller trees in stock for $34.99 (SHOP LOCAL!!!). You still have the smell of Christmas without worrying your friendly pet will knock it over.


Holiday Lights

Not everyone has electrical outlets galore to work with. Rather than using extension cords crisscrossed through your house, check out battery operated options. You could put candles in your window, wrap the thin wire options around wreaths or in glass jars, or line your windows without worrying about finding a close plug or ugly cords. If you’re more of a techie, Ace even sells lights that you can turn and off with an app on your phone.

Make Do With What You Have

We have a giant front window that is somewhat useless because our sofa butts up against it so we can’t open the shutters. Once there is a chill in the air, I decorate it for winter. It stays up all season and brightens up our street. Literally. It is super bright. img_9309

Don’t have a large window? Hang a wreath, they can be wrapped with the aforementioned battery operated lights for a warm winter glow. Have window boxes? Use tree trimmings and cheap tree decorations to decorate them. Your best bet is to take the thickest branches so you can jam them in the dirt and not have to worry about the wind.

Spray Paint Everything

Check out the dollar store and craft shops. Inexpensive plastic decorations look amazing after being spray painted with mirror/glass, gold or silver spray paint. I spray painted all my cheap falling apart pumpkins last Halloween with the mirror spray paint and they looked fabulous as a tablescape. You can see more ideas here.


No Mantle? No problem.

If you don’t have a fireplace mantle to hang your stockings with care, you can easily hang them from a staircase or bookshelf.  We have also used the 3M wall hooks and then hidden them with garland.

Pottery Barn


Holiday Cards

It’s not too late to get your pictures ready for holiday cards. In fact, my mother-in-law skips the Christmas cards and sends them out as New Years good wishes. You gain a week that way. If you don’t have your picture ready, you can join Ace’s Holiday Portrait Pop-Up. The pet and family friendly sitting includes a 10-minute shoot, winter backdrop, four 4×6 prints, and free digital download of all high res photos. Kids can also take some time to write to Santa at their workshop table. Space is limited, sign up here.



When in Doubt, Dress Up Your Pets.

Don’t have time to decorate? A elf-cat or santa-dog brings the cheer with minimal work. Just don’t forget to have a lot of treats on hand.



We want to see how you’re decorating! Send us your holiday pics or post them on our Facebook page


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