Four Things to Buy at LOVODA


I stopped by LOVODA‘s new storefront today (2713 Boston Street) and was just as happy as when I stumbled upon them tipsy at the Baltimore Seafood Fest. The store is bright and airy, with a lot to choose from, without feeling overwhelming. It’s definitely going to be my go-to shop for gifts and the occasional shopping induced pick-me-ups. The majority of the store costs between $12 and $20, with the highest item around $75 so you won’t have to worry about destroying your bank account.

Here are my favorite 4 items in the store (that will also be in my closet):


Blanket scarves. 21 patterns and I want them all. Blanket scarves are fantastic. In the past month I have used mine as a scarf, folded it as a pillow for a car trip, wore it as a shawl (thank you freezing office), and used it as an actual blanket. These are super soft and I’m going to be adding some to my collection for sure.  If blanket scarves aren’t your thing? No worries, they also carry a similar smaller version and some knit eternity scarves.

Delicate rose gold earrings. The ones above I purchased at the Seafood Fest but they still carry them at the storefront. Ignore the slight blur, the day was getting a little blurry, so my camera was just being accurate. I wear these all the time. I’m a fan of bolder necklaces and these are a fun way to add a little novelty to your standard stud. (And you won’t have to worry about them getting caught in your blanket scarf. My dangle-y earrings are constantly getting caught, but that might be a me problem.)


No, not the blanket scarf again. These tunics. They are swing-y and made of the softest material. I love the sleeve length as well, super flattering. They come in a bunch of fall colors (mustard, burgundy, grey, navy, white) and yes, they will look great with your blanket scarf.


So maybe I’ve been working my way up to this ensemble. Or maybe if you throw a blanket scarf on anything, I’ll double down. BUT, lets get to the vest. I hate winter coats. Sweaters with vest? They pass the test. I have no idea why I’ve drawn this line in the sand, but I have so here we go. Any excuse to push off putting on my winter coat works for me. The vest above (coming in as the priciest item in the store at $75) is padded without being too full, has a hood and side zipper details and comes in olive, red, and black.

I’m looking forward to their official opening and what new stock might be coming in. You can check out other looks and merchandise on their Instagram or Facebook pages.


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