Tie a Yellow Ribbon


About a month ago, I saw a news story on Canton Neighbors about a local metal artist who made a ‘Support the Troops’ yellow ribbon to replace a stolen ribbon for one of our neighbors. I found it to be so kind (these are my favorite kind of neighborhood stories), I ordered two. One for our house and one for a holiday gift (someone is going to be less surprised).img_7626

Last night I received my ribbons from Made in Metality and I love them. It’s extremely sturdy, made of stainless steel and custom painted so it will never rust. I spoke with Made in Metality’s owner Josh Anderson, a former Marine and MICA graduate, and he told me that he currently has the additional  options: Medical, Eco, Fire, Law, Teacher in purple, green, gold, blue, red and yellow. He is also able to do custom colors if there is a group looking to create a fundraiser.


The ribbons are a new part of his four-month-old business.  He also makes custom jeep modifications, custom home or business pieces (I have my eye on you, crab house number), and can work with you to help move your vision to reality.  If you’re interested in holiday gifts, you should reach out ASAP.

If you would like to see the pieces in person or talk to Josh (or someone from his team), you have two upcoming options.

Can’t make either? You can reach out to Made in Metality here.

You can see the story here:


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