Four Things to Know: Local Designer Fashion from Erin Draper


This month, Stay Classy Canton discovered a local fashion designer hidden in our midst (living in Canton, with a studio in Patterson Park). Erin Draper invited us to peruse the rolls of jersey knit fabrics, well-crafted patterns, and sophisticated sample clothing at her studio as we discussed her budding women’s wear business for active women around Baltimore, and beyond. After having our own little movie montage of a fashion makeover, here are four things to know (and how to get the clothes) of local fashion designer Erin Draper.


1. Canton has its own fashion designer. Truth.

Baltimore and fashion aren’t exactly synonymous terms, but Erin Draper — armed with a degree from Parsons School for Design in New York City and a few years of apprenticeship — has worked to carve out her own active women’s wear niche in Baltimore and other cities. Her stuff has appeared in specialty boutiques from Washington, D.C. to New York City, to California. Her online store as well as a pop-up shop in Mt. Vernon (see #4) currently serves the Baltimore crowd a healthy dose of “Mindful Design that Moves You.” From flowy wrap dresses to snuggly and well-shaped jackets, Erin’s designs reflect the in-search-of-adventure attitude of many Baltimore women.

2. These clothes can go with you from the staff meeting to the yoga retreat

In visiting Erin’s studio, we were invited to try on tops, dresses, and jackets from the Erin Draper line. A young professional herself, Erin is truly thinking of the multiple activities that most women go through during their day. Her tops have sophisticated cowl necks and flattering necklines that fit in with casual work environments. They’re also sewn with breathable jersey fabrics and mesh detailing to make an afternoon yoga session or walk through Patterson Park a breeze.

3. It’s all super soft stuff. Also, you may want to nap in it.

Did we mention these clothes are comfy? Women of all shapes and sizes will feel confident and luxurious in the soft fabrics of Erin Draper’s line. Waists and curves are defined with asymmetrical lines and wraps that flow across the body, which means no uncomfortable waistbands! The one slight problem with this set-up (this happened to us particularly when we put on this jacket) is that you may want to curl up and take a nap wherever you go in these clothes. But hey, worse things could happen.anglesiagray

4. This local designer has local love for Canton. Here’s how you can snag her stuff for a discount.

Erin told us she would love to get her clothes in the hands of more Cantonites. Luckily, happening now until June 19, she has a nearby pop-up shop where you can check out and try on her stuff. Just head to Mt. Vernon and The Women’s Exchange, located at 333 N. Charles Street, to peruse her goods.

Hours: Thursday 4-8 p.m.; Friday 11 a.m.-6 p.m.; Saturday 11 a.m.-6 p.m.; Sunday 11 a.m.-6 p.m.

If you decide to buy Erin’s clothes, we also have a coupon code for you: get 15 percent off until July 15. Just use CLASSYCANTONFASHION on the Erin Draper website at checkout.

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