How I Roll: Southside Bagel Pop Up

Bottoms Up Bagels

It’s finally here. The Southside Bagel Pop Up by Bottoms Up Bagels (BUB)! In collaboration with Pixilated Federal Hill (46 E. Cross Street), BUB will be setting up a small batch bagelry in their pop up gallery space in south Baltimore for the entire week. Open from 7 a.m. until 2 p.m. (or sell out), they will have fresh bagel sandwiches (I recommend an everything bagel with pork roll, egg and cheese- Its the jersey in me) or one of their homemade schmears, like the sesame sriracha.  The founders are also from NJ, so they know bagels. Crispy outside, chewy inside, perfectly seasoned. I am in love. 

pork roll

For those younger at heart, and a fan of the late night Fed Hill scene, you can take advantage of #BUBAfterDark. On Thurs, Fri and Saturday from 8 p.m.- midnight (or sellout) there will be late night sandwich specials and music for your enjoyment. The promise of bagel sandwiches and people watching might be what it takes to keep this pregnant lady awake past 9:30 p.m. (the struggle is real, my friends)


You might have already bumped into BUBs at the Waverly Market or Peabody Heights Brewery. If you haven’t its worth the venture over to the other side. BUBs is kicking it up a notch with more spreads, sandwich options and even a sweet bagel choice. I’ve already planned out my week around it.

Disclaimer: Yes, it’s in Federal Hill, but worth the trip. Further disclaimer: I’m friends with the founders (and they are awesome). Further further disclaimer: I’m not that nice and I take bagels VERY seriously (I’ve had everything bagels shipped in from NJ for a brunch once). So if they weren’t good, I wouldn’t recommend them.

After you try them out, come back and let me know which you got and how you liked (loved) it!

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