Get in the Loople.

loopleLooking for a night out but not getting the information you need from the interwebs ? A new app, Loople will be hitting Baltimore that will help you stay in the ‘loop’ in the Baltimore bar and restaurant scene.

Loople is looking for volunteers to test out this new and exciting app! The first 100 emails to will be invited to join during this special beta testing. Currently only iPhones and Androids can be included.

Loople promises to provide user-verified information in real time about what all of the bars and restaurants around them are like. This way Loopers (yes, I typed Loopers) know what to expect before they head out. From drink specials and live music venues to pool tables and bar games, Loople is the one place you can go to that answers all your questions.  No more inconsistent and false information, no more “It’s 10pm where should we head to?” Loople is your social life, just simplified.

How it works:

Explore Your City

Loople’s simple interface will take you straight to a live map of your current location and will show you all the bars and restaurants around you. Loople color-coded them to help make it easy: places that do more alcohol business are classified as a bar and those that do more food and service are classified as a restaurant. If you want more or less detail simply zoom in and out to see the area you want to explore

Get the Details Before You Go

Check out each bar or restaurant’s page to get the low down on what everyone is saying in real-time. From the location’s profile you can leave a quick comment or rating about how the place is tonight, call ahead, or even get directions.


Let Loople do the Work for You

Once you select your filters, the homescreen automatically adjusts to show exactly what you are looking for. You want to have some drinks on special with outdoor seating? Great, now the map only shows you places currently running drinking specials that also have outdoor seating. It’s that simple! All you have to do is check out the options nearby to decide what works best for YOU.

Create the Day or Night YOU Want

At Loople you  are our sole focus, which is why we’ve implemented an amazing system to give you the results you want. Maybe you want to meet up with colleagues after work for a few light beers and some laughs. Simply open up the filter and select the atmosphere you prefer. Choose from main filters like “Drink Specials” to see all drink options or dive deeper for more detailed “subtags” like “Craft Beer” versus “Light Beer” specials.

“My Loops”

“My Loops” is a quick and easy feature that allows you to create groups of your friends called “Loops.” This is where you can interact with friends while planning out your evening. You can post within the group, add/delete items, and even invite your new friends. Use “My Loops” to connect with old high school friends or create a group for your rec league team, even join public groups with others who have the same interest as you!

Get the Word Out to Friends

Use our quick and simple “Events” tab to invite your different “Loops” or individual friends to an event showing where you are now or something you are planning in the future. Invite individual friends or entire Loops to big events.

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