Canton Bites: Restaurant Openings and Closings


A plethora of restaurant news is swirling around Canton as of late. In ode to this, we’re introducing a new segment: Restaurant Bites. Below is the latest news on the restaurant scene for your dining pleasure.

Atwater’s Bakery in Canton Crossing

Scheduled to open in the Spring across from DSW, Atwater’s (also in Belvedere Square and Catonsvillle) will feature sandwiches, baked goods, an expanded brunch menu on the weekends and plans to serve beer and wine. It will offer additional outdoor seating for up to 50.

Farm to Table Restaurant in Highlandtown

Bryan Palumbo of Alewife plans a farm-to-table restaurant in Highlandtown that will focus on microbrewed beer. The restaurant will seat slightly less than 100 guests andwill occupy the building at 3323 Eastern Ave.

Bay Cafe Take Two: Boathouse

Boathouse Restaurant will occupy the space formerly known as Bay Cafe sometime this spring. Palm trees will be removed and renovations are expected to total $1.1 million. The price point should remain the same as the Bay Cafe’s, with approachable menu items that appeal to families in the neighborhood. We also hear they’ll have a raw bar available with oysters and clams.

Townhouse Kitchen and Bar Closes

Townhouse Kitchen + Bar, which opened in Harbor East the spring of 2012, has shuttered its doors, as the Baltimore Business Journal reported on January 24. The fate of the restaurant remains uncertain. We’re kind of sad to see it go; while not in Canton, it was an accessible and friendly hangout spot.

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  1. love the new section,excited about Atwater’s.

  2. mlutz says:

    Any insight on Silks? (Hudson and Lakewood) They have been working on it for what seems like forever!

    1. Jasmine Touton says:

      Actually – yes! Though nothing confirmed. We’ve heard it is called Atlantic Cafe and saw this pic on Twitter of the progress (quite awhile ago):

      1. They have little signs up in the window that say “Silk’s” on them. From what I read, the company is called “Atlantic Cafe” but they are operating as Silks. The bar is now fully stocked and I saw them unloading dishware, so they must be getting close to ready. They have renovated both sides and floors of the row homes, but are conditionally only approved for the two first floors. They have to be open a couple of months and show that they will not be too loud or cause parking issues. I live a half block away so I’ve been trying desperately to figure out what’s going on.

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