Canton You Stepped UP!

Not to toot our own horns, but Cantonites, you should be impressed with yourselves.  Your support through Count on Canton raised over $8400. 14 Canton restaurants, 2 shops, and 6 companies came together to unite our neighborhood in a night of solidarity and community.

Melissa, Jon Fogg’s sister, expressed the gratitude for your commitment to the community best in an email we received last night. She wrote: “I cannot thank you enough for orchestrating the fundraiser for tonight for my brother, Jon. The people of a Canton have been so wonderful and helpful during this ordeal. It’s just unbelievable. Please know that we are ever so grateful for all you’ve done. It has made a huge difference.”

As reports rolled in of restaurants brimming with supportive neighbors, our Stay Classy Canton contingent set up a perch at Annabelle Lee Tavern. Neighbors greeted each other and families of multiple generations sat down to order. It was a magical (and classy) kind of energy.

What was your experience like last night? Share your thoughts in the comments. And check out one of the news segments featuring our great community below.

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