A Night Out: Get 10 Percent Off All-Inclusive Bootlegger’s Bash

rebooted_FINALStep into a ballroom dripping with chandeliers. Grab a fresh cocktail or brew. Down a few just-shucked oysters. Remove your fedora, and dance the night away to live music.

Sounds like a scene from The Great Gatsby, right? Nah. It’s an all-inclusive, roaring party happening in downtown Baltimore on Saturday, February 22, 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. And we can get you 10 percent off.

The Baltimore Bootleggers Bash: REBOOTED! – a party thrown by the Maryland Historical Society – is an event in its second year. The group is specifically inviting Cantonites to rock the night away in the 1840s Plaza.  The bash promises two bars, a full dance floor, and a stunning view of downtown (situated right next to the historic Baltimore shot tower).
Canton local Full Tilt Brewing will pour libations throughout the evening at their very own bar, or you can sip cocktails from small-batch, craft distilleries. Down as many Chesapeake Oysters as you please as well as heavy appetizers. Live music is provided by Bosley (a true entertainer making big band scale music with a funk sensibility.)  All beverages and appetizers are included with ticket, which is $65 for non-members (plus your 10 percent discount with this code: BBRTEN.)


(Discount code: BBRTEN)

Attire: Formal or 1920s period attire.
Treats: Beer: Provided by Full Tilt Brewing: http://www.fulltiltbrewing.com/
Oysters: Provided by Chesapeake Oyster Co: http://trueoyster.com/
Hearty Hors d’oeuvres: Provided by Chef’s Expressions and Social Expressions

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  1. Erica Strautin says:

    Awesome news! Can you let us know what the discount code is? Thank you!

    1. Jasmine Touton says:

      Sorry about that. It is up there now (and here:BBRTEN)

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