Count on Canton

This past year Canton residents took time out of their week to come together and get to know each other on ‘Stoop Night‘.  This adds to the many reasons that Cantonites have such a love for their neighbors and a passion to keep Canton as safe as possible.

Our community was rocked when the reports of one our neighbors, Jon Fogg was a victim of  an vicious assault and robbery. Immediately neighbors wanted to know how they could help.  Jon Fogg’s family created a funding site and donations poured in. Jon’s injuries are severe and the road to recovery will be a long. He will need a lot of medical attention, and because he has both arms in splints, he will not be able to work for some time.

In the spirit of Stoop Night, gather your neighbors, leave your porch lights on and join Count on Canton. On February 5th,  local restaurants have offered to provide a portion of their proceeds to support Jon’s medical bills and recovery.

Invite your neighbors to meet at one of the participating restaurants below (1.27 UPDATED LIST & FLYER!):

1.27 pm

Join the Count on Canton event’s page and let your neighbors know which restaurant to meet you at!

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