Make new friends and throw balls at them

If you’re tired of the dreary winter evenings alone with your TV, we have a solution for you.  Join a Canton Skeeball and/or Dodgeball team!

Skeeball (my favorite boardwalk game) is being played at El Buffalo on Wednesday and Thursday nights. You can sign up a team (at least 5 people) or as an individual and the cost is $49 per person.  The league caps out at 10 teams, so register quickly (deadline is the 17th)!  The season starts on January 23rd.

If you’re more of a do-er, you can try your hand at Dodgeball.  Games are played at the Canton Merritt on Wednesday evenings.  Two co-ed teams square off on the dodgeball court throwing big foam balls at each other. Get hit and you’re out. Last team with a standing player wins!  If there’s not enough beer in this to interest you, don’t worry. After each game there are Flip Cup challenges at El’ Buffalo.  So basically everyone is a winner.  The cost is $55 per person and it starts on January 22nd.

Can’t choose, don’t worry. There’s time enough for both. See you on the court…or bar.




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