Canton’s Year in Review 2013

1538631_624021344299762_1360756092_nWe played, we were neighborly, we drank, we conquered. The 2013 year made for a lot of give and take in Canton. Developers gave us Canton Crossing (whether we wanted it or not). Thieves took our bikes and security with a summer crime spike. But we also got a few new transportation options (Uber,Lyft) and grassroots-organized, weekly Stoop Nights to get to know each other better. We convened at food truck Gatherings, on Blue Hill Tavern’s rooftop, and at the Lamp Post Lighting (despite the weather).

We kept on running the waterfront, bringing our pups to the dog park, and keeping an eye out for our neighbors. Twas a Classy Year. Or at least we thought so. Relive the top posts (by page views) from 2013 below. Or take a look at a more in-depth analysis of what you read on our blog in 2013.

Happy New Year! Here’s to an even Classier 2014.

Canton Crime Spike Summer heat brought an unnerving spike in crime. We covered the community meeting and provided helpful tips to avoid further theft.
Canton Crossing Announces Plethora of Retail Stores As chatter about the new retail shops spread from Haven to Montford streets, Stay Classy put it in perspective for Cantonites with a listing of which food and retail shops had already signed on
Follow-up: Canton Arrest and Next Steps A second community meeting brought news of an arrest; we were there to capture the details
The Gathering- Canton style The Gathering tested the Canton waters with its food truck fleet
Unique Baltimore Wedding Venues that WOW! One of our own (co-founder Steph) got married and blogged her way through the process in Baltimore on her “Bmore Married” series
Being neighborly never tasted so good. Canton residents decided to start something only great neighbors would think of: Canton-wide Stoop Nights. We cheered you on, and got a few local businesses to cheer you on too, with free food and drinks.
Canton Crossing: Who Will Make the Retail Cut? As space dwindled in the new retail hub, we hypothesized which stores might edge out the rest of the competition
Target is Opening October 8 Target announced its opening date. A collective squeal was heard ’round Canton.
Community News Alerts Stay Classy instituted a new type of post to round up the tips we get about what’s happening around our neighborhood. Community News Alerts were born.
Uber-Excited: Secret Taxi Service Rolls into Baltimore Everyone felt a little relieved when we heard Uber would begin rolling through in Baltimore and provide stranded passengers everywhere a ride home. Soon after, Lyft also brought its fleet to Charm City.

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