Mutts Go Nuts at the Creative Alliance

Crazy Dogs
Real Mutts Gone Nuts(Photo credit: cookingdiva)

It’s no secret that Cantonites love their canines. Sometimes, we love them a little too much and forgo spending time with significant others, good friends, even kids to supervise Fido at the Patterson Dog Park.

On Sunday, March 3, at 3 p.m., you can enjoy a show with your loved-ones while still hanging with your favorite furry friends when the pack from Mutts Gone Nuts takes over the Creative Alliance at Patterson Park. Jessie and James are a comedy duo who added six more starring roles to their act when they adopted six mutts from local shelters.

Attend, and you’re bound to see bouncing, purposefully mischief-causing pups, as well as some that can speak English words.

It’s hilarious and family-friendly (not to mention furry-friendly) entertainment that’s $12 or $7 for members and kids. Get tickets and read more here.

Just make sure you don’t come home smelling like one of the dogs in the act or your own might give you the cold-shoulder.

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  1. Thank you for the shout out about our Sunday show “Mutts Gone Nuts” at the Creative Alliance!

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